The commencement of PIPE Cohort 2023

We launch the PIPE Cohort 2023 held at our office in Accra, this event marked the official commencement of this groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering growth and development within the fintech ecosystem.

The occasion brought together qualified fintech startups, creating a vibrant platform for them to explore the potential of the Pipe Cohort. This program is set to accelerate their progression, offering strategic insights and a comprehensive support system tailored to foster innovation and sustainable growth.

We had some engaging dialogues that formed the crux of the event, as participants delved into how the 2023 Pipe Cohort could fuel the growth of the fintech industry. The attendees benefitted from informative sessions delivered by our partners, adding value to the discourse with their in-depth knowledge and expertise.

The event also served as a networking hub, presenting an invaluable opportunity for participants to interact with other industry leaders. This facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual growth.

The commencement of Pipe Cohort signals a promising step forward for the fintech industry in Ghana. By creating an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration, and we believe in the potential of this partnership to stimulate growth, drive innovation, and foster collaboration within the fintech ecosystem.

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