A new Era begins

Dear Kudi (FXKudi) Community,

In the past three years, we have been focusing on giving you the best out of financial services in money transfer, seamless online payment with dollar cards, and ease of bill payment on all spectrums. During this time, we have experienced a world where financial services are undergoing a transformative shift, we have chosen to stand at the forefront of innovation, redefining how the world thinks about cross-border money transfers, virtual dollar cards, and bill payment services. For this reason, we are making a major change to our offering to you which is a monumental leap in democratizing access to financial empowerment.

Elevating Lives, Empowering People (Become an Agent in five minutes):

You have long been able to do transactions on our platform all by yourself to enjoy the speed, great customer service, and above all, everything stays free (which is zero transaction fees). This time, the changes we made is to empower you to become an agent to help others do the transactions they need most.

We believe that the pursuit of financial success should be free from barriers. It’s our mission to bring financial inclusivity to all, and now, we’re taking a leap into the future.

The services you offer as agents:

We are empowering you to be the champion of financial inclusion by offering three major services. These services do not require you to have money to start, you just need to meet our requirements.

  1. Cross-Border Money Transfer: Seamlessly send funds to eight African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and more, ensuring your clients can effortlessly support their loved ones or conduct business across borders.
  2. Virtual Dollar Cards: create dollar cards for clients to make payment online seamless for their daily online activities.
  3. Bill Payment Services: Offer a seamless and convenient bill payment solution, ensuring your clients can settle their bills promptly and efficiently, all within the FXKudi ecosystem.

Earning with Every Transaction:

We recognize the value of your dedication and hard work. Rest assured, you’re compensated for every transaction across our suite of products. Your success fuels our success, and together, we can illuminate a brighter financial future for people, businesses, and nations.

Our Unwavering Commitment:

We strive to provide an unparalleled experience to our agents and users alike. Continuously evolving, adapting to industry changes, and delivering top-tier support will continue to be our approach.

By this, join our flourishing community of agents and be part of a financial renaissance.

visit fxkudi.com to get started.

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