Introducing Kudihero

In our continuous effort to create more opportunities, we present KudiHero. This groundbreaking platform extends cross-border money transfer services to eligible individuals and businesses, allowing them to serve their communities and earn income simultaneously.

We call every successful individual or business on the KudiHero platform a ‘Hero.’ Why? They are the enablers, extending vital payment services to consumers in their communities. Heroes are instrumental in connecting families and Africa as a whole, one community, and one country at a time. In essence, KudiHeroes are the ambassadors of financial inclusion in Africa.

The Role of KudiHeroes in Africa’s Financial Ecosystem

KudiHeroes, as community payment champions, will facilitate consumers and businesses to send, receive, and spend money effortlessly. Their roles encompass:

  1. Cross-border money transfer: Assisting people to send and receive money across over 20 countries instantly and without cost.
  2. Bill Payment: Helping consumers purchase airtime, pay DSTV, Water, and other utility bills instantly.
  3. Payment card issuance: Generating personalized virtual dollar cards for customers to make borderless online payments anytime, anywhere.
  4. Cardless cash withdrawals: Enabling customers in Nigeria to make cardless cash withdrawals using USSD or in-app functionalities.

Joining the KudiHero network as a Hero doesn’t require any financial investment. You gain access to tools that allow you to extend these services to your customers (if you’re a business) or your family and friends (if you’re an individual).

KudiHero Earnings: Financial Reward for Service

As a KudiHero, every service you render to your customer earns you cash. To monitor your earnings, we provide an earning tracker tool. This tool keeps you abreast of your performance, and you can withdraw your earnings at your convenience.

Who is Eligible to Become a KudiHero?

Anyone who meets our requirements can become a Hero. Whether you’re a small business serving your local community with a product or service, or a student looking to make extra income while studying, you’re welcome to join the KudiHero network. If you meet all requirements as outlined on our KYC page, you can complete your registration and embark on your KudiHero journey.

Becoming a Hero: The Registration Process

We’ve streamlined the signup process for all aspiring Heroes, be it registered businesses or individuals. Here are the steps to becoming a KudiHero:


  1. Visit our Registration Page.
  2. Select your Country & Option “Registered Business.”
  3. Provide all necessary information about you and your business.
  4. Submit your registration and await approval.


  1. Visit our Registration Page.
  2. Select your Country & Option “Individual.”
  3. Provide all necessary information about yourself.
  4. Submit your registration and await approval.

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